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Museum Host

Grab a friend and volunteer together working at the museum and sharing your love of the fiber arts with others.  Shift hours are from 10-1:30 or from 1:30-5 Tuesday-Saturday.  Please leave your name and contact information at the center if you are interested.

Web Document Checker

Peruse White Bluffs Web Site looking for typos, bad links, etc.  Format pictures to make them web friendly.

Quilt History Aid

Are you interested in Quilt History?  Geneology?  Join our Quilt Index team today.  Please call and leave your contact information with the daily host.

Civil War Committee Member

Are you interested in the Civil War?  Historical Costuming?  We are in need of a committee member or two to help set-up an event for the spring.  If you are interested, please leave your contact information at the center.



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