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Crazy Quilt Pillow

Crazy Quilt Pillow Top

Please note: Date change! 


The first day of our Crazy Quilt class is Friday, November 9, from 1-4. 


If for some reason, you can only make one day of the 2-day class,
please contact me immediately, so that we can schedule a "make-up" class.

During this first class we will create a Crazy Quilt Block,
approximately 15" square that can be used as a pillow top or bound as a small quilt.

I will bring 15" squares of batting that we will use as the base
for our square and a box of lace that can be incorporated.
White Bluffs has a box of silks, satin and velvet
which we will use.
Please, take a look around your sewing room for bits and pieces
that you might like to incorporate into YOUR block.
Perhaps you have an embroidered scrap,
sample, something leftover from a sewing project,
or just a piece of fabric that you really like.
This will make your crazy quilt square very personal.

Bring your sewing machine, with a new needle (if possible)
neutral thread and your usual sewing accessories.

On Sunday, November 4th (or whatever day the class votes on)
we will come back together to embellish these blocks.
I have a number of books illustrating the embroidery used on the
original Crazy Quilt Blocks. We will investigate some new stitches as well.
We have an assortment of embroidery thread at White Bluffs,
but you may have some colors or textures that are special to you. 

Please bring your block, embroidery thread and/or silk ribbon,
scissors, needles and anything you might wish to incorporate into your block.
Traditionally, beads, small gold bits of jewelry,
trinkets and just about anything you can imagine have been added.
So we will go a bit crazy and have fun!
I will also bring samples of machine embroidery combined with
hand beading that can be used.
Looking forward to a fun and creative class!
Date(s) and Time: 2 days
Friday, November 9nd, 1-4 pm and
Another day to be determined by the students -
If the crazy quilt top is not completed, the embroidery cannot begin.
Probable date: Sunday November 11,
1-3 pm
Tuition: $30

Questions: Virginiatreadway1174@gmail.com



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